Our Tomorrow — and the day after that

Our Tomorrow — and the day after that

I’ve spent the last couple weeks working up a tune that will be the likely finale of my live stage show and have pretty well gotten to a comfortable place with it. It’s been a journey.

My show is about sci-fi futurism and to present it, I’ve created a rich tapestry of multimedia images and stories about the significant events that landed us in present day. I’m really excited to get this thing up and going and it’s taken forever to create and finetune a performance that includes a host of original songs to weave into the timeline.

“Our Tomorrow” is meant to be a connector that bridges the distance between us – Earth – and the portion of the galaxy that is surely home to untold other living planets and populations. And therein lies the challenge, as in, like howdoya do that? For me, it’s turned a personal sense of longing into one that dreams of a perfect love, then projecting that outwards towards the sky.

Our Tomorrow is about reaching out with the intention of making that contact in a most human way, and at the same time, acknowledging that without some significant extraterrestrial help, it’s hundreds of years off. Bummer, but tantalizing.

Imagine the fundamental, the profound changes that will occur when we do connect. Yes, that’s what sci-fi is all about, but so much of that depicts conflict, sabotage, dis-trust, war, annihilation… and I’m thinking wonder, amazement, cooperation, hope!

Naïve? What if the first living planet we encounter in 2417 is oh, a thousand years behind us in their timeline of evolution and are still in a non-mechanized society? After we simply conquer them (sigh) do we A) help, B) give them gifts or C) enslave ‘em? And what it they’re a thousand years ahead. Uh-oh…

I skew to the Let’s-be-Friends approach. There’s a limitless community out there that we’ve yet to encounter. When we finally do, it’ll be the ULTIMATE disruption.

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