Future Cast

Kissin’ Cousins

Sure, YOU’RE ready for a meaningful visitation. But are THEY…?

Remotely Controlling

Seemingly overnight, we now expect our digital assistants to buy, change, remember, inform and converse with us as part of our normal lives. When did THAT happen?

A Spaced Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick was an obsessive creator who literally changed the template of one film genre after another. Take “2001, a Space Odyssey,” for instance…


The Future of Immortality

You’re freeeeeee — to live… forever!?

Wrapping the Sun

What if we could increase the potency of the sun’s rays to the point of powering the entire world. Easy-peasy!


Flying Car Toon!

The 2-minute radio comedy from the year 2049!

Flying Car Tune

Where the heck are those flying cars we’re all supposed to have been zipping around in by now?

Carl’s Gold

In 1978 the Voyager satellite launched with a pair of the world’s first interstellar Gold Records — with one heck of an audio sampler!

The Twilight Zone Sessions Part 1

Author Steve Ruben has written the new reference standard for the ORIGINAL Twilight Zone series. And did we chow down on some ‘o those old eps

The Twilight Zone Sessions Part 2

Bill Shatner on a plane. And Rod Serling’s writing method.

The Twilight Zone Sessions Part 3

“The Silence” and “Nothing in the Dark,” starring a 26-year old newcomer Robert Redford

The Twilight Zone Sessions Part 4

My all-time favorite episode, “Time Enough at Last” starring Burgess Meridith

The Twilight Zone Sessions Part 5

“The Trade-Ins” featuring the ultimate android companion, just for you.

ET Stay Home

As if they’re interested in US…

The Rocket Scientist Interviews

Buddy and JPL scientist Mike Paul Hughes opines on the building blocks of the universe.

Our Tomorrow

The tech and production challenges behind the tune and endless choices to deal with when you’re makin’ stuff up.